Horse riding


Go for walk in the valley on a horse. This is fun for beginners who need tips, for advanced riders, and for children who have decided to look at the world from above.

Nothing can replace the pleasure of riding in the mountain, the mountainsides, the clean air, the beautiful views, the quiet pace of a horse or the mad gallop through green meadows and clear streams, the secrets of the ancient forest, the wind in your hair, the song of the wild birds. Riding in the countryside can last from several hours to several days, with sleeping in tents, huts or forest houses for more distant destinations. We can offer you routes of different complexity and duration. You will be able to touch the virgin nature of the mountain.

40 EUR (80lv.) per person

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- If you have not ridden so far, you can rely on a calm horse and a confident trainer who will constantly be by your side and lead the horse on a leash.

- For advanced riders, there are numerous challenges: rugged terrain, open meadows, complex forest trails, river crossings, breathtaking natural landscapes. You will ride alongside an excellent instructor who knows the mountain well.
Price is negotiable discount for advance reservation for a group of more than 5 people.


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